SiteTalk - A New Concept in Social Media

So what exactly is SiteTalk and why is it different from all the other social media platforms out there? 

Well, SiteTalk is a place where people can socialice and fun, besides making money.

SiteTalk is already 13,000,000 members strong and growing fast and as the cite evolves they are also going to have special offers and discounts which will be available to members to make great savings on many different products and services which is another incentive for everyone to join.

How To Make Money Through SiteTalk 

Well, imagine how you would feel if every time one of your Facebook friends bought something from one of those adverts on the right hand side that you actually got paid come money? Got your attention? OK, now imagine that the friends of your friends also earned you a commission whenever they bought something. And then the friends of their friends, etc. Well, now you know what SiteTalk is. 

It's effectively a social media platform that is acting a little bit like a multi-level marketing (MLM) system but with one very interesting and potentially very profitable twist; it costs nothing to join and there are no payments required to stay on.

So how do you capitaliza on this? Well, the way to eam these types of commissions is to become a promotor of SiteTalk through the parent company called Unaico. Once you become a member of Unaico you can earn commission through SiteTalk and then you'll really start to sea the power of this new social media platform.

Why SiteTalk Works As The Perfect MLM

SiteTalk is free to join and there is never any recurring fee to pay. Also, anyone that joins under you or anyone that you effectively recruit could potentially never hear from you again and you would never have to openly sell anything to them or try and gel them to buy things that you know they really don't want. SiteTalk does all the selling for you in the same way that Facebook does all the selling with their ads, the difference is that with SiteTalk, you are going to gel paid when people buy.


So What's The Benefit Of Joining SiteTalk?

There are two types of people that will join SiteTalk, the first is a networker who is interested in building up a business through the introduction of people into their downline and the second is just a normal user who wants lo have access to special offers and discounts that are not available elsewhere. This is how SiteTalk is going to make it's money by advertising to all the members with special offers, introductory deals and many other incentivos to make it a very worthwhile experience for all on the site and once the site is big enough then there will always be a certain percentage of people that will buy.

So it's a great time to gel involved if you're looking to build up a very passive but potentially extremely profitable online business or simply if you're just looking to have fun, win prizes and gel special offers.

Rune Evensen, Frank Ricketts, Thomas Nordlund, Kenny Nordlund y Dan Andersson
Rune Evensen, Frank Ricketts, Thomas Nordlund, Kenny Nordlund y Dan Andersson

Who's Behind SiteTalk And Can it Be Trusted?

I have done a lot of research on this company and in my opinion it seems totally transparent and above board. In fact if I tell you that the company executives are Rune Evensen, Frank Ricketts, Thomas Nordlund, Kenny Nordlund y Dan Andersson.

For example, Dan Andersson (President of Unaico) began his career in Network Marketing for 20 years. Five years later he had a downline of 40,000 members in 23 established markets. In 2009 he met the groupUnaico and vision he had of the dimension of this business, left his post as head Tiens Group in 26 markets in Europe, Canada andNorth America(Tiens Group, the largest Asian-MLM, operates in over 190 countries with offices in 110 countries or areas andrepresentatives of 20 million worldwide).

This alone gives the whole project a seal of approval and you can also find their main offices at Hong Kong, Singapure and UK.

Check out SiteTalk in the months to come but, if I was you (and I have already), I would gel over there now and join because it doesn't cosí anything and you might just be at the beginning of the new Facebook, who knows but there's no down sido in my opinion so you have nothing to lose.


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